Saturday, January 18, 2014

Packing it away.

Yesterday I put on my big girl boots, (well my Moms big girl boots, seemed fitting for the task at hand), and began to wade through the mounds and mounds of my Moms things.  This lady loved her some jackets, and clothes, and shoes... oh the shoes.  I mean really we could clothe a small village with all her stuff.  There was something so oddly fun about it... like a small child finding her moms high heels for the first time.  There was Rodeo clothes, Sunday clothes, work clothes, out on the town clothes, leg warmers from the eighties.   Things I remember her wearing all the time.  And a few things that still had the tag, from more recent shopping sprees.  Each item precious to me.  
I didn't get it all packed away but made a pretty good dent.  Hopefully my sisters and I can find some things that will remind each of us of her!   It was calming to me to see the closets become empty, the drawers become bare.  I needed to say goodbye to her, and I'm starting to be able to. 

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lvh said...

I remember a conversation I had with your Mother one day as we were walking on Butcher Creek. She said that she didn't know why she bought so many clothes. She stated that she had plenty of clothes when she was growing up so she didn't feel it was because she had felt deprived. But, she just didn't know why they had such a hold on her. She always dressed so nicely, I only wished I could dress as well but since I just can't find tall clothes that don't look like old lady stuff, I cling to my uniform of t-shirts and jeans.
When Grandpa died, Mom gave a number of suits to your Uncle Terry (since Grandpa always had such nice suits). Hopefully there is someone who can enjoy some of your Mom's clothing as well.