Thursday, October 10, 2013

Seek out the happiness, In all lifes crapiness!

I've been trying, I really have.  My birthday came and went this week.  I will admit it was a hard day, that I'd like to forget about.  It wasn't bad because I don't like getting older.  I am fine with the big 38!  It was hard because no matter how many people messaged me, texted me, called me for my birthday, it never made up for that 1 phone call I wouldn't be getting this year.  It's still hard to admit to myself that she is gone. 
So glad to be done with that day.  I know there will be more days like that.  But I am trying to challenge myself to look for the happiness.
Here are some things I'm happy for right now:
Fall is in the air, I love Fall
I have truly some of the most amazing kids.  Wyatt is home, and is working at the plant as a laborer for an outage.  Ty is doing AWESOME at football this year, its been such a nice distraction to watch him play.  Kynzie is GREAT at Volleyball, also a welcome distraction.  And Kasey is growing into such a sweet girl that made me a lovely card for my Birthday. 
I have a great running partner who keeps me positive and motivated.
My husband is by far the most understanding and caring person I could of ever hoped to have in my life.  Through all of this he has been my strength.
A well insulated house.  While others have said they've had to stoke their fireplaces or turn on their heaters this last week, I've been comfortable all week with a t-shirt on.  Hooray for my house.

So there's some happy... Hopefully more to come!

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