Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The New Normal

I have longed for normal for a long time.  But what normal was I longing for?  A normal that doesn't exist.  The normal that never would exist again.  It's hard because with every week it seems I'm hit with another obstacle.  Sometimes BIG things come barrelling down my path.  Sometimes small easy things, that are overcome with little difficulty.  But none of it seems normal, or comfortable.  I appreciate the things in my life that are easy.  I'm glad for good days.  Even the simple things. 
But then there are the things that make me ache, the things that seem to swallow me whole.  It seems like such a struggle. 
I know that from this point on happiness will not be found in normality, it will be found in the peaceful moments, the good times, the things that distract.

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