Thursday, August 29, 2013

How's the Weather?

I'm going to miss the warm rainy days when they are gone.  It's going to be fall soon, and I will miss the clouds rolling in and cooling the day off.  I worked outside for awhile today and it wasn't hot at all.  It was humid, so I worked up a good sweat.  But it wasn't hot.  Its also getting almost chilly when I run at 5.  Its been perfect weather.  I am trying to appreciate it every day.  I leave the windows open all day and night to get the fresh air going through the house.  And now that the noisy neighbors moved out (quite the story in itself), its so great to leave them open.  I am still so happy to have moved into our new home.  I can see myself here forever.  And that's an awesome feeling.  I have big plans for a garden and grass next year, and chickens and a goat.  Its gonna be good.

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