Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just a drop in the bucket!

A drop in the bucket isn't a lot.  It doesn't amount to very much at all.  Usually a drop in the bucket is something you can deal with.  Never more than you can take.  But when your bucket is already full, a drop in the bucket can seem like to much.  You start to over flow.  You can't handle those little things that normally wouldn't bother you that much.  When your bucket is already full, the little drops seem overwhelming. 
Learning how to not make the little things huge is hard for me right now.  Because even though they are little things in addition to my big things they seem like to much. 
I know I have lots to be grateful for.  And when I put on my happy face, I know that there is so many blessings all around me.  But it is super hard to remind myself of that every day.  I feel like I keep getting drawn into depression by the smallest drops.  And it has become so hard to look past the yucky stuff to the good stuff right around the corner.  I know in my mind that things could be so much worse, but I can't seem to convince my heart of that.  I guess when your in the middle of carrying that heavy bucket its hard to focus on being able to empty it at the bottom of the hill. 

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