Monday, January 21, 2013

What a Weekend!

I had such a wonderful weekend!  I want to tell you all about it and I don't want to leave anything out.
Got up EARLY on Friday morning to head to California.  We met up with my sister Darcey and her husband and headed west.  It was all fun.  Even the little crazy things that happened along the way!
First things first we headed to the hotel, only to find out we didn't have reservations for that particular hotel.  Someone else had made our reservations and had made them for the wrong one.  Unfortunately that meant that we would not have the free shuttle provided by the park to racers.  But can't cry over spilled reservations.  So we headed to the right hotel.  Once there Darcey and I went to check out our rooms.  As we headed from my floor to her floor I went to push the button, and no lights went on.  I tried to open the doors and they didn't open.  I thought my worst nightmare was coming true.... but suddenly the elevator dropped to the bottom floor!  Kind of scary! 
Next we headed to the Runners Expo to pick up all our fun stuff for our race.  Walked around a bit.  Then we went to Oggies to Carbo load.  It was a good dinner.  Time for bed because 4 o'clock rolled around way to early. 
Morning came and it was time for the Neverland 5K!  Kenneth and my BIL Buck ran!  They did great.  There race ran around both Disneyland and California Adventure.  Both of them have only been running since June!  And they did awesome.  Right before the race Kenneth texted me and told me Sean Astin (Goonies, Rudy, Lord of the Rings) was running.  So while we were watching I watched for him.  So I was pretty stoked when he ran by us all and gave us high fives! 
After the 5K we needed a well deserved nap, and then went to find the beach.  We spent about an hour there finding shells to bring home to Kasey.  Then it was time for lunch and another nap.  We went back out for carb loading at dinner then we explored Downtown Disney for a few little gifts for the kids we made stay home!
Once again morning came all to soon as we needed to be in our starting corals for the big 1/2 marathon.  I was so nervous that I wouldn't make it in the allotted time, that I hadn't trained well enough, that I would have to walk a lot.  The fireworks went off and I ran!  It was the coolest and quickest first 6 miles ever.  We wound in and out of both parks.  People lined the streets to cheer.  Bands from schools played for us.  Characters from the parks were out to take pictures with.  I didn't feel tired at all.  Around mile 7 I did start to feel stiff, and by mile eight my feet started hurting.  But as I kept telling myself that in another mile I would walk I chugged away mile after mile..... to be continued


Amie said...

whoa, that elevator experience alone is crazy! This looked like such a fun race...Dan considered doing it months ago. You're amazing to be able to do stuff like this! I can't even run around my block. LOL You look great, hope you guys had a good time!

lvh said...

so continue already -I want to hear the rest of your story. After that elevator experience, I don't think I would get back on that at all. Your running is an inspiration for sure.