Saturday, April 7, 2012

Homemade Easter Baskets 2012

As for tradition my kids were hard at work on Friday making their Easter Baskets.  The trend this year was shoe boxes.
Kynzis went with a scrapbooked themed basket.  The Easter Bunny is sure to know who this basket belongs too.

Here's Wyatt's very Unique and slightly grotesque version of Bunny Exploded Basket.  Hopefully E. Bunny won't be to offended. 
Ty's basket is centered around his favorite thing BASEBALL.  I think he was hoping he might get a ticket to the game in his basket, but no such luck this year!

Kasey made a green Alligator this year, I think he will be gobbling all her candy up!
Not to be beaten by my children, My Basket is made from a milk jug.  And is a sweet little model of E. Bunnies house!

Here's where E.Bunny hangs his clothes.  Notice the smoke coming out of the chimney, must be a chilly spring morning!

Come on in!

Stay tuned to find out if Mr. Easter Bunny comes and fills our baskets!


Amie said...

love your bunny habitat! so so cute!

Michelle said...

Looks like fun!