Saturday, March 17, 2012

Catching Up!

Recently my Mom and Dad put their house up for sale, so they can move back to Arizona when my Dad retires this year.  Check out the AWESOME way my mom has decorated her home.  She is so talented!!!
VirtuallyShow Tour: VirtuallyShow Tour video.

Other things that have been happening in our neck of the woods:
BASEBALL (Ty made the Varsity team this year- Hooray!)
Allergies- it's as if a snot creature has taken up permanent residence in our home.
Spring Break- Unfortunately my kids don't have the same spring break, so no big plans.
Job- Kenneth was just offered an awesome new job!  I'm so proud of him!
Running- Still trying really hard to get ready for Ragnar in one month!
Wild weather- we had a summer like week this last one (could explain the snot creature)  But this weekend we are suppose to get several inches of snow!

Coming soon- My mom will be here and we are going to redo the kitchen!!! I'm so excited to post before and after pictures of her kitchen!


Amie said...

Your mom is SO talented! Very homey. :)

leaner said...

I love it! I especially love the shower curtain and the "tin roof" is super cool looking!