Friday, February 17, 2012

Where does the time fly too?

I kind of miss how excited I used to be to write on my blog.  I used to look forward to it, and when something interesting, fun, sad, exciting, etc.... happened my first thought was "I can't wait to blog about this."  But now a days I don't feel like that.  I miss that feeling.  But I suppose like with most good things the newness wears off, and it becomes just another thing.  But I look back and this blog and I have had a good run!  I'm not saying goodbye to my blog friend just yet.  But it does explain my blah posts!  So on to another blah post:

Here goes...
Here we go...
Well anyway...

This has been a humdinger of a week.  I mean that in an absolutely good and bad way depending on what angle you want to look at it from.  Example of a good angle:  Last weekend Kenneth and I had a little get away.  We went and stayed at the Hilton, ate at Eegees, walked the Mall, and watched a Movie.  It was all fun stuff, and so nice to have a break without any obligations at all. 
Example of a bad angle:  I had fallen deeply madly in love with a house here in the Concho area.  I loved everything about this house, it was the perfect size, it had some land with a barn and shop, and it would be close to my parents.  We are not quite ready to buy at this moment, but we are hoping that this summer we can get serious about a place.  Anyhow this weekend someone put an offer on THE HOUSE that I loved, leaving me in quite a funk!  I am sure when the time comes I will find the perfect house, but right now I mourn the loss of that dream.
Example of a good angle:  Today I take Wyatt for a final exam in English.  He has one semester (or about 6 weeks) of English left and he will be a high school graduate.  He has worked really hard this year to catch up and be ready to graduate on time, and now he will graduate a little early.  I'm very happy for him.
Example of a bad angle:  Wyatt is approximately 6 weeks away from being a high school graduate and 18 years old.  Sad day!
So I feel a bit of a looming sadness, my kids are growing up.  How do people deal with this?  I mean this year has and will bring :  Ty getting his drivers licence (he actually drove himself to school today for the first time.  It scared me to let him go, but what do you do?  Kasey will turn eight and be baptized in April.  Kynzie will turn 13 geegads another teenager!  And Wyatt will pack up and leave home.  It's all so surreal!  I'm hoping to make it through it all with a smile on my face, and optimism towards the new adventure my kids growing up will bring!  Wish me luck!

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Briep said...

kids growing up it hard. I had a hard time with Madders just starting school. So to have a kid graduate I can not imagine. (sending lots of love your way)