Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Amazing Mom (Everyday Super Woman)

Next month it will have been a year.  A year since my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The day my mom was diagnosed was like a punch in the gut.... an extra hard punch in the gut.  When someone you know is diagnosed with cancer it opens the door for every pessimistic thought you could ever think.  I read every negative article ever written, and I looked at every thing through dark and gloomy glasses.  The hardest part of it all was knowing that I was completely helpless in the situation.  I wasn't there to cheer her on, and I'm not in the medical front line finding a cure.  As I mentioned completely helpless.  Then in that first month, my Mom called me, and I realized it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself (because it's all about me, you know?!?!).  She told me about a blessing she had received by the Priesthood holders belonging to the LDS church.  She told me how she was promised that if she did the things the doctors told her to do, she would have many more years to spend with her family.  Our family also fasted and prayed and when my Brother in Law said a prayer to break that fast, I felt such a peace that my mom would be around for a long long time.  There have been times in this last year I've put back on those dark gloomy glasses, but all I have to do is talk to my mom, hear her healthy happy voice, that voice that hasn't changed at all, the voice that is stronger than I could ever be.  My Mom has punched cancer right back in the gut this year.  She fights it with her talents and willingness to share those talents with those around her.  She fights it with her hard work.  She fights it with her plans for the future.  She fights it with her love for her family.  But mostly she fights it with her optimism and faith.  She has refused to let cancer define who she is.  She is such a positive influence to me in so many aspects of my life.  She makes me more faithful, more appreciative, and stronger when trials come my way.  I am so fortunate to have such an amazing Mom!


Mama Echo said...

That is so beautiful Tiffaney. Your mom is one strong lady and so are you.

Amie said...

So glad to hear it. You go, Sister C.! You kick that cancer's butt. Thanks for sharing, Tiff.