Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Worth of Thanks

Wowzers, I let to many days without acknowledging my thankfulness.  And thankful I am!  I am thankful for a lazy weekend.  I am thankful that I could decorate for Christmas (as sick as it may seem, it was so fun).  I am thankful for holiday flavored ice cream (eggnog, Christmas cookie, and pumpkin pecan)  soo yummy. 
Even though the girls are home with a cold today, I'm thankful for our health, We are a pretty healthy family, and that"s something to be happy about.  I'm thankful that Wyatt, Kasey, and I could spend some time playing a board game (something we don't do nearly enough) and I wasn't even a poor sport when I lost.
I'm thankful that I could get a little more shopping done!
This is a fun wonderful and exciting time of year, and I'm trying to enjoy every moment in it!

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Mama Echo said...

Yum!! Holiday flavored ice cream!! I forgot about that.