Friday, November 18, 2011

Five Golden Rrrriiiiinnnnggggsss!

I'm really slacking on this Thankful thing.  Not that I'm not extremely thankful, because I am, I just forget to write about it.  So a weeks worth of opportunity passed me by.  I'm here to make up for it, and hopefully plus some. 
On the 15 day of thankfulness I'm very thankful for an extra day with my Hubby.
     For the month of October and the first part of November He has been on outage.  That means they work lots of overtime.  Which is great for the paycheck.  But as the time goes by he gets worn out, and I kind of miss having weekends with him.  So when he had Tuesday off and we had time to be around one another it was nice.

On the 16 day of thankfulness I'm very thankful for my sisters Darcey and Penny
     I'm fortunate to have two sisters that have been so good to me, my whole life.  But more specifically and recently I'm grateful to Darcey for encouraging me to run.  And though my body fights it every step of the way, when I'm done I feel good.  I look forward to the day I can run further, and not feel like I'm going to fall over dead!  And for Penny.  I'm so glad to have her, to have long phone call conversations with and vent too, I don't know what I would do without these moments.  I love them both for so many other reasons too, but I need to get through the week.

On the 17 day of thankfulness I'm very thankful for my Brother Clint
     How could I say I'm thankful for my sisters and leave my Brother out?  Well I couldn't!  This guy is pretty incredible.  Mostly I'm thankful that over the last year plus, he has taken the time to communicate with my son, and do kind things for him, when he really needed a friend.  I know he had his own things to deal with, but he still took the time.  I love him very much!

On the 18 day of thankfulness I'm very thankful for.....
     By golly that's today, that wasn't so hard to get caught up.  I am thankful for the smelly good candle I have lit right now, that reminds me of holidays and pine trees. 
I'm thankful that last night I could go out to eat with my family, spur of the moment, and have such a wonderful time.  As we chatted and laughed I realized how special they all are, and how incomplete our family would be without each and every one of them.  After months of hectic dinners, it was so nice to sit at a table and eat and talk.  I couldn't be more blessed.

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