Monday, October 17, 2011

Tired Tired Tired

I shouldn't feel as tired as I do.  I had all of last week to lounge around.... But then this weekend came and I spent 2 days sitting out in the dreadful heat.  I mean seriously its October, it shouldn't be 100 degrees anywhere.  The first day it made me so sick, I spent half the night in the bathroom.  I am so grateful to live in the cooler part of the state.  So maybe that has something to do with me feeling tired.  Maybe I'm tired because I am having a real hard time watching my son get treated like crap on the football team.  He has worked so hard for the last 5 months, and he has not gotten one bit of recognition.  If I didn't think he deserved it I wouldn't even bring it up.  But I do think he's pretty awesome, and it would be nice if someone would see his hard work. Only 2 more weeks and I won't have to think about it anymore.    I worry about Kynz who seems to not really like it here at all, and is so moody.  It makes me tired to deal with her, because I don't know how.  She is doing well in school, but maybe not socially, and she really just wants to go back to RV.  Today she tried out for the basketball team, hopefully she will make it, and that will cheer her up.  Plus her teacher is kind of creepy so I worry about that too.  I told her if he ever is inappropriate in any way, he will be meeting a baseball bat in the face... yeah I'm pretty bad-A.  Well maybe not so much but I can have some words with him.  And of course I worry about the other two too.  Maybe they don't have as much going on right now, but I still worry about them all.  So that's me venting, I feel better already.  Still just a tired but maybe a little lighter.

Side note:  This weekend while driving west on 10 taking the exit on Estrella the boys (Ty and 2 other baseball players) noticed a huge sign, that made me wish I had stopped and taken a picture.  There was a big banner hanging on the back of a home store that said "SALE 0% Off"  The boys thought it was hilarious.  Wow that's some sale!

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Mama Echo said...

The more you spend the more you save? Wait.. that's not going to work...