Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Road Trip

Friday was my birthday, that makes me 36 years old.  I made plans for a couple months to take a trip down South to Duncan to visit my BFF from the time I was a little lassie. 
 First I met my sister for a little visiting at the county fair.  I couldn't help but ride my favorite carnival ride the Sizzler.  It was just like I remembered it, FUN.  Although being the biggest one and getting squished wasn't quite as fun.  It still was fun.  After having fun (WOW I just said Fun a lot!) watching the girls ride, I was off to Amanda's.
I had dinner with my birthday buddy Vicki (Amanda's Mom)  we both turned 29. 
 The next day we went and took a few pictures and explored a cotton gin.  ( My smile was not working so gracefully that day, but oh well)
Saturday afternoon it was time to pick up my girls and head home.  Thanks to my sister for watching them so I could have a break.  And thanks to Amanda for all the fun!


Elise said...

sounds "fun" :)

Mama Echo said...

That sounds like a great weekend. Happy Birthday again!