Thursday, August 25, 2011

The People.... They are Nice!

You never know the importance of adult human contact until you don't have it. I love being a mom, and a wife, but sometimes you just need to have a conversation with another person that is outside of your family. I miss the days when I needed to talk to someone, I would call or drop by my friend Christy's, or run over to my neighbor Pam's. I haven't had much of that kind of interaction since I moved back to the big AZ. And now that I live out here, it's even rarer. So last night at Kasey's soccer game, when not one but two ladies stopped to chat with me, it was soooo nice. As an adult it's sometimes very hard to find friends, people to relate to, to do things with. Not to slight my family at all, I have sisters and a super Mom that I rely on a lot. I also am fortunate enough to still call and chat with my high school best friend. But sometimes you need people around you that think your worth talking too, so when your at sporting events, or school functions, or church stuff, you don't feel like some weird outcast. So it felt nice to chat it up with some fellow soccer moms. Maybe this area isn't so bad after all.

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