Monday, August 29, 2011

Just a little venting!

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I had a great weekend. It always goes by way to fast though. I love being around my family even when it's crazy packed with people. They make me laugh. I'm glad there is more of the family get together stuff in the upcoming month. Unfortunatly the weekend had to come to an end and I am back home, and oh so tired, and that usually means I'm taking something out on someone. Which isn't fair. I totally could understand where Leaner was coming from in her post when she talked about taking things out on her oldest daughter, because I tend to do that to my older daughter as well. Today was one of those days, she rolled her eyes at me and I lost my control and yelled at her, which of course made her cry. Makes me feel pretty crappy. On top of it later at her bed time, she just layed in her bed and cried about missing her friends. So I made her crappy day worse when I lost my temper with her. Somedays it just feels like I can't get anything right. Then when I'm feeling like this, and I complain about something, it's not so that someone will come in (mostly my husband) and fix it all.... I really would like it if he would just say You are a great Mom, or I feel so grateful that you can take care of the bills, or even -thanks for keeping the household stuff going the way you do. I can't totally blame him, he's not very good at reading minds, but it would be nice... just saying!
So now it's bedtime, and I'm more tired, so I'm going to go to sleep and hope that tomorow can be a more positive day.


lvh said...

oh wouldn't it be nice if hubby's could read minds. Course it's too bad as mom's we always beat ourselves up for any thing that we do that makes someone else feel bad. We spend all our time and energy trying to make sure everyone else is happy and has everything they need and we deserve to stand up for ourselves once in a while and lash out when a kid rolls their eyes or in some other way show disrespect. You are a fantastically terrific Mom. I'm glad your family had such a wonderful weekend - Grandma called me Sunday night and told me about the fun party.

leaner said...

You are a great mom!
I'm sorry you are also feeling like that, but I am glad to know I am not the only one who deals with this.
Big hugs, I really wish we lived closer, I think you and I would get along well in real life.