Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time for me???

(Who are these guys?)

Whats going on? I got on awhile ago to post... or vent mostly. But then I changed my mind. So my blog has mostly become an updater of my kids doings, which is fine I suppose, but what happened to it being my creative outlet? I miss it. But it's hard to think of things to write about because much like everything else in my life, I am spent, once I run here there and everywhere taking care of 4 crazy kids. So if it interests you at all, here's whats going on in my life:

This month has been full of running back and forth to RV, because although its 45 minutes away it is where Ty will be going to school, so he's been there almost every day for football. But lets not get ahead of myself... In a more organized way let me start with the oldest and work our way down.

Last week I took Wyatt to the nose throat guy = in Sept he will have his tonsils removed, which should of been removed years ago as they harbor infection. Fun stuff! He also started a volunteer (community service) job at the local thrift store. He once again is doing online school in the fall.

Ty is as previously stated going to Football everyday. He is also involved with a traveling baseball team and will start tournaments in August. He will still go to school in RV so that means I never see him, I miss the kid, and I will definitely miss him when he doesn't come home for lunch everyday. Sad day for me. This week he is at football camp. Funny story that, the coach wanted to take them somewhere secluded where they could bond as a team and all that, They are seriously less than a mile from my house. My son is at football camp right down the street.

Kynzie is at round 2 of church camp this week. She went with our stake last month, and our old stake this month. She will start school next week. She's seems to be excited about it. Her new class will have about 20 students. She is also hoping to play Volleyball.

Kasey is going to start soccer soon. She is also excited to start school next week. She spends hours playing outside here. She never has been that way before, I guess she feels safe here. She is insistent that we ride bikes to school, but she is such a crazy bike rider I don't know if that's such a good idea. We will see.

The cats are good too, Mickey is fat as ever! Then of course there is the 3 dogs... yeah I said 3.

So that's it, summer is winding down to an end.... which is good and bad. I'm kind of sad about it because it means another summer has passed with little fan fair.... but I'm also happy because this school year should be very productive.


Amie said...

Love the updates...but would like to hear more about you once in a while. :) *hugs*

leaner said...

Also love the updates. I love knowing what is going on in your family's life.
I have tried to sit down to blog feelings a few times and nothing comes out. I am sure I have a lot to say but... well... I think my brain is fried this summer. (How long can I claim post partum as an excuse? And I am sure I will be writing a post about that soon.)

Briep said...

Sounds crazy. I am not looking foward to when the girls are older. and How Awesome 2 girls camps. I kinda did that one year. it was awesome I went to girls camp in az and then Aunt L took me on a trek with her in montana!

lvh said...

wow busy lady. summer is definitely going way too fast - the kids left and it started raining again here - the sun hasn't made too many appearances this summer so guess I should be grateful it was nicer last week. 45 minutes to school - are you going to have to drive him?