Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Furry Family (Oh yeah, I am a pet hoarder!)

Let me introduce or reintroduce you to our furry pack of animals that call our house home. They are a fun bunch: This handsome fellow is Indiana Jones Junior. He is our inside/outside cat, hunter superb. When not prowling the neighborhood, his favorite place to nap is Kasey's bed. He has been a part of our family since April 09.

Mickey the Cat
Mickey has been around for 9 years this fall. I love him, He is sweet, and lazy, and super big. He is by far the largest pet we have. He mostly can be found laying here and there and everywhere. He doesn't pay any of us much mind. He knows how to say "hello", and knows what the word no means. Such a smart cat!

Ringo (the damn-eranian)
Ringo came to live with us last Fall. My Mom brought him to me. His nick name is Whizzer, because he's got a bit of a pee problem, most days it is completely under control. Ringo is very obedient, he sits, and stays, and goes to bed when he's told. He barks like crrraaaazzzzy though, at everything that passes. Once he is barking it's hard to get him to stop.
Cody (the other Damn-eranian, or possibly part Dingo)
Cody is Ringo's brother. He originally was my moms dog, but after a lengthy stay at our house, he became part of the family. He and his brother love each other very much. They are constantly playing and jumping and running together, it would really be sad to break them up. Cody likes Kenneth better, and doesn't listen to me very well. He doesn't like to go outside when I tell him, and he doesn't go to bed when I tell him, but unlike his brother he rarely has a pee problem. He is very funny, and he likes to talk by making weird dog noises when he disapproves. He doesn't bark nearly as much as his goofy brother.

Diesel (Swap Meet Dog)

Have you ever had a total impulse buy, well Diesel is one of those. I already have two dogs under 2 years old. But a couple of weeks ago when having an extremely emotional day, Kenneth and I found ourselves at a swap meet. In the corner of the lot there was a box, with this cute little face staring up at us. I don't know whether it was fate, or a crazy decision but we brought him home. He is a sweet little baby min-chin. He gets along with the older dogs very well, when he's not trying to eat them.

So that's the Furry Family. All 5 boys!

And in the words of Bob Barker "Spay and Neuter your Pets!"

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leaner said...

damn-eranian? What does that mean?
Those are some cute furry friends you have! :) Love that puppy face.