Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving down! Let the countdown to Christmas begin.

Well golly I hate working, I never seem to have time to post anymore. Thanksgiving was a packed full of people day. We had my parent inlaws, grandparent in laws, sister in law (with her spouse and 2 kids), my sister in laws -in laws, my sister and family and her husbands sister. To top is all off, we also had 4 small dogs running around the house. Can you say crazy. It was nice.... well I lie it was stressful for me. But I was so glad that my sis came, because she is always so organized at these things, and it took a lot off my mind to know she was in control. After dinner while some decided to head to the casino (not a tradition I'm very fond of) I made tee-pees with the younger crowd. They seemed to enjoy that, and then the older of the younger crowd and I played Phase 10, I really enjoyed playing with them. All in all it was a successful yet no what I'm used to at all, Thanksgiving.
Now on to Christmas. I've been making a few new decorations, that hopefully I will get pictures of soon. So I was super excited to get my casa decorated for that. I can also say happily I have 80% of my shopping done, and the stuff that I have left is really just little stuff. We don't have much going on for the month of December. Wyatt is working at NPX so he doesn't have many weekends free, and so that keeps the rest of us pretty close to home as well. But I'm looking forward to a quiet family Christmas.


Amie said...

We miss your blogging! Sounds like you had a houseful, I can understand the stress, but I'm glad you had help. Nice of you to stay with the kiddos and make it a memorable evening for them. I have all but one gift bought for my fam, and something for my mother-in-law. After that, it's just teacher gifts (IF I do them at all) and neighbors' baking (IF I do that at all!)

lvh said...

I love the tee pee's - definitely much betterthan the casino. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving but will be much better when your Mom and Dad get moved closer.