Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another week down

A week down of work. I feel like I'm getting the hang of it, and once the kids go back to school (1 and 1/2 weeks) I will be happier to go, knowing I'm not missing out on life at home. Other than the new job, not a whole lot exciting going on this week. It has been raining like crazy up here. I love it, I think I was born to live in a rainier climate. The only downfall is the weeds that have grown waist high in my yard, but I bribed Ty with some $$$$ to mow it, and he said he would have it done in the next couple days, as long as it stops raining long enough for him to go out. Wyatt starts college this week... I'm so happy for him. He will be splitting time between the high school and college this year, so that when he graduates he will have an associates degree. I know it will be a ton of work, but I also know he can do it. Ty was away to football camp this last week, and he returned with bumps and bruises, but he really enjoyed himself. So onto this week, eventually I hope to get the hang of this work stuff, and not feel like I have absolutely no time for anything else. I've never done this full time stuff before, so I just need to learn how to juggle my time better. Also this week my work is starting a weight loss challenge... we will see how I do with $ motivation.


Mama Echo said...

Way to go Tiffaney!! Glad to hear that the job is going well. And, how does it feel having a college student now? j/k

Amie said...

college!? holy cow that is so awesome!