Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thank Gosh I'm a Crazy Girl!

Well life at my house is kinda laid back
Ain't much a crazy girl like me can't hack
Its late to bed, but not without a snaaaack...
Thank Gosh I'm a crazy girl!

I have 4 kids they keep me going all day
We do a little work, but mostly we play
There's not a whole lot that gets in my way...
Thank Gosh I'm a crazy girl.

Well I got me 2 cats, and I got me some chickens....
A bunny out back, and fish in the kitchen...
If the chickens don't lay, they'll be finger lickin' ????
Thank gosh I'm a crazy girl!

So I'm very very excited to have got some chicks the other day!!! We haven't had chicks in about 11 years. They are one of my favorite animals to have around. Plus if you get to starvation mode... they are an excellent source of food storage! Awesome right? We have 10 right now, and I'm going to go down and get five more today! Oh and did I mention that the last couple days it's been downright beautiful outside. I went out and raked and shoveled all day on Tuesday, it was just what I needed to get out of the winter funk I was in!


Mama Echo said...

congrats on the additions to your family. looks like fun.

Alex's Human said...

You can't go wrong with chickens. Glad the weather is clearing away the funk in your life!