Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Road less Traveled by

Whom ever wrote this article hasn't been on a crazy drive. I read it with interest, because I love going for rides. I love seeing new country. I love time with people without the distractions of tv or computer. I love that you can't escape each other and you have to talk. I think I got this love because as a kid we drove around a lot. Dad would check every road around, just to see where it ended up. But here's the kicker... he would never stop at roads. We drove up trails that may resemble roads, we drove up washes, we drove up narrow old roads that were partially washed away, we made our own roads. Sometimes we drove up things so scary I would opt to get out and walk up them because they made me so nervous. The best part of the whole deal was up until I was in high school?, we never even had a four wheel drive vehicle. So if Dad couldn't make it up the first time we would try try again. So as to the MSN article on Worlds Craziest Drives they have obviously never taken a drive with my Dad!

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leaner said...

I love those long rides, too. They remind me of a simpler time. There is nothing like a long drive when you really need to talk to someone. (Many of the best talks Will and I have had were on long car rides.)