Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just gotta get it off my chest!

So I've decided that one of my biggest peeves in the world is as follows:
People who are so lazy that they park in the crosswalk in front of the elementary school because they can't either walk the 20 feet from a parking spaces to take their child in (seriously what's 5 minutes of your day to walk your kid in) or drop off in the designated drop off area. COME ON PEOPLE! that is all.

(when leaving the school this morning after walking Kasey in, there was a small pickup parked in the crosswalk that leads to the parking spots, as I crossed the road in front of him he decided it would be a good time to start pulling out and almost hit me. What the heck?)


Amie said...

tsk tsk!!

leaner said...

Pick-up/drop-off at Rhayn's school is a stressful time for me. There are car-moms that wait n the pick-up line in HUGE trucks that you can barely fit my little Neon next to. If they don't pull all the way to the right its impossible.

I am with you, lazy lazy people irk me as well.