Saturday, December 26, 2009

I love the home made stuff the best!

Our most treasured gifts this year were the things we made for each other. I love that we have started this tradition. It's so much better than buying more junk. This year Kasey made Wyatt a magnetic bulletin board, and some magnets to go with it.
Wyatt made Kasey a huge loveable monster pillow, which she named Teenie!
Ty made me a leather bound journal, and Kynzie made Kenneth a bunch of cloth balls to throw in the house.
I made Ty a magnetic bulletin board.
And Kenneth made Kynzie a Magnetic/chalk bulletin board!


Mama Echo said...

I love all the great ideas!! (I'll be storing them away for next year...)

Pen-nut said...

As usual I stole your idea and used it this year, the kids had a blast making things for each other.