Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today or Yesterday more like it.

I've decided it's easiest to be thankful for the day that happened the day before, so I know for sure what I was most thankful for that day. So yesterday, I was most thankful for my life as a stay at home mom extra-ordinary! Some days I take it for granted spending the day alone, and getting my blah blah dity blah blah chores done, but the last week or so I have really pondered how working moms do it. I mean just in the last week, I've had to make a quick trip back home for Kaseys beanie and gloves because I didn't realize it was 15 degrees when we left the house. Had to pick Kynzie up from school, because she had a bit of stomach bug, and then because she had??? a slight fever (which upon taking her temp myself found nothing) they said she couldn't come back to school for 24 hours, so she stayed home with me for a day. Not to mention making Wyatt and his comrades lunch every other day, because, and I quote "School lunch sucks mom, only loooozers eat school lunch." Then yesterday the grand daddy of glad your at home when your kids need you moments, I got a phone call from the school to pick up Ty and take him to the emergency room, where the X-ray confirmed he had a broken collarbone. So I'm thankful to be the one that answers the call when my kids need me, I'm grateful there is never a doubt in their minds that I will be there when they need me most. I'm also pretty darn grateful for medical insurance.

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Amie said...

wowza, what a day! So sorry about Ty!!

Seriously, I don't know how moms who work get anything done. I'm a little asceered of those days when I'm a workin' mom again!