Friday, November 20, 2009


I got my haircut....I'm thankful for my new haircut, because my hair doesn't look pretty long, not at all. When it gets shoulder length it looks thin and scraggily and I try over and over to have long hair, and it gets to my shoulders and I say "wow that looks crappy!" This time I waited a little longer than normal, and it was looking very very crappy, so crappy in fact I tried the quick fix of satisifying my hair change needs and dyed it "soft black tea" whish made my long scraggily hair look even more halloweeny witch like. So I'm so glad to have my hair back to its short bouncy self. And yes this is not the best picture, my eyes are looking a bit stoned and it doesn't dispay the curls of my hair properly, but it's what I got for the moment.