Monday, October 5, 2009

Waiting for the paint to dry

Meanwhile in the corner of the world that I live in....

Last week I had to call poison control to see if a plant was poisonous and what the possible outcome is if one has eaten said plant. I learned that one should not eat Virginia creeper berries no matter how much they resemble blueberries.... your throat may swell shut and cause a horrible rash inside that in turn could possibly kill you. But eating only a couple berries or licking the berry juice will not however kill you. Wyatt has hopefully learned his lesson not to eat anything he doesn't know for sure is edible.
I started my to do before December list this weekend by painting the girls toy box and book shelf a bold and beautiful shade of turquoise. They turned out lovely. Now I'm working on a chair. It will be orange. I also started Kynzies Christmas afghan. I think making it will take me FOREVER. But I do it in my spare time, while I watch TV. It makes me feel grandmotherly, but also very very calm. Which is a good thing right now.
I had a cold all weekend. Runny nose itchy watery eyes.... joy.
Football season is over for Ty. I enjoyed watching him very much, I can't wait until next year to watch him again. But he will stay busy, he got picked for a tournament baseball team that will practice right away.
If I went back 2 years ago it never would have occurred to me how very crazy my life was about to become. Things I never would of predicted would happen to me or around me, happened. And I have learned so very much. I'm not really ready to say how it's all been a blessing in disguise but I have defiantly learned things about myself that I never would of learned if I was still in my old life. I still have a lot of emotions about the whole thing... yet it feels like a life time ago.
I enjoy Flash Forward.
This is exactly why I've had a hard time posting lately- its such a potpourri of thoughts.


Amie said...

I enjoy your potpourri. =) I was sick this weekend too. What is up with that? Take care of you--your projects sound lovely. You know we'll need pictures. =)

Michelle said...

I keep wondering what I've learned, or was supposed to learn over the past year. It's hard to believe it has almost been a year since all our turmoil started. I'm glad you are finding glimmers of hope, and good for you at being so productive. I still cannot figure out where everything goes in this tiny house!

Mama Echo said...

It's good to hear from you again. How far away are you from Prescott?

tif-do said...

a few hours