Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week with my Mom!

This last week was so awesome spending time with my mom. I have to admit I am a bit of a Mommas girl, and it was so nice to have her here, to chat with and walk with, and shop with, and just have her around. It was also nice to take the week off from pretty much everything else to spend time with her. It was sad to see her leave this morning.

So what else went on this last week while I was spending time with my mom.... hmmm lets see....Last Monday I picked her up, I saw a herd of Javalinas(I'm not sure what a grouping of Javalinas is called but herd sounds good). We visited every store in the local area... it took us about an hour. We also tried out burritos from a van... they were not the best and I will probably not try them again. We went for a walk and saw 5 buck deer. I had to attend parent teacher conferences.... all is well in the school world. Ty played a football game in Winslow Az. They tied 20-20, it was a super dooper game. Ty played really well. Mom and I ran to Show Low and and went Antique shopping.... I bought a small table and a chair for the low price of $19 I intend to repaint... I even bought some paint while there. I also bought an early b-day present for myself, a sewing machine... I'm so so so excited to get to sew with my very own machine. Then my Dad got here late Saturday night, the next day we had a small get together with dutch oven chicken....yummy. So it was a great week, and now this week is already blowing through like crazy. Looking forward to a slow down, but I'm not sure it's coming any time soon. But hopefully I will at least get some time in to work on some projects.


Mama Echo said...

Sounds like a great visit!

Amie said...

how nice that your folks could visit!