Sunday, August 23, 2009

the excitement of our weekend... road trip.

The very best part of the day was Cotton Candy Ice cream Cone! Yummy yummy!
The most excitement was hitting a major Monsoon that must of caused some havoc somewhere. Because we were passed by 2 ambulances.
The coolest thing we saw was a Lotaburger, we got out voted and didn't get to eat there, we ate McDonalds(complete with a nasty bug in the Happy Meal.) Why oh why do we stop there at all? I really wished we would of eaten Lotaburger instead. And Kenneth wished we would of eaten Long John Silvers.

Back in it's prime I'm sure Gallup, New Mexico was a fine stop along route 66. But today well lets just say... not a fine stop, not a fine stop at all. Curiosity got the best of me, and it's always fun to say you went to another state over the weekend, so we headed northeast to Gallup New Mexico yesterday. We drove up the middle of down town, and then we drove back down again. The highlights of this little piece of nostalgia were the ElRancho, it was a very cool Hotel that apparently many olden day stars stayed at. I do admit it would be kind of cool to stay there. It looked pretty darn cool. Other than that wasn't a lot there. It's one of those towns that if you went back in time 60 years it was probably a happening little place but now it's kind of run down and sad. It was good to get out of the house and check out yet another place we hadn't seen before.

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