Monday, July 13, 2009

Honest Scrap

I was awarded this award by LEANER.

The point is to write 10 honest things about myself! It's hard after blogging for whats coming up on August 31st will be 4 years (I know crazy right!) it's almost impossible to figure out 10 things that I haven't spilled my guts about... so excuse me if you know it all already.

1. I'm very much a prude. I totally cringe at the site of naked body parts. It makes my stomach turn... I mean literally turn. So there you are Naked is gross! I can watch scary movies all night with out jumping squealing screaming, ect... but show me a pair of boobs or a sex scene in a movie and I totally shut my eyes and can't watch the rest of the movie.

2. I think about babies, and how I'm done having them... a little more than I should! I held a sweet little baby the other day, she fell asleep on my shoulder and it made me very sad. I'm perfectly aware that you can't keep having babies just to have babies, but I don't think I prepared myself very well for the fact that my babies would someday grow up and I wouldn't have them to hold and rock any more.

3. When I was a kid I stole a salito. It was totally an accident, but when I saw she gave me more than I payed for, I didn't take it back. It tore me up for weeks... or maybe just a few days. The feeling I got from stealing that one little 5 cent Salito stuck with me so much that I never purposely have stolen anything.

4. I'm trying really really hard to be liked here. I try to smile more, and introduce myself more. I don't have a lot of opportunities, but when I'm out and about I try to talk to people I don't know, I hope I don't come off crazy, but instead fun and lovable!?! First impressions and all! It's hard for me, but I'm working on becoming a friendlier and more out going, positive-like person.

5. I was born with 6 toes on my left foot.....well not really... that's a total lie. It's harder coming up with honest scrap about myself that I haven't already said. So that is #5, sometimes I feel like if you give me 10 minutes you will know my life story. I'm pretty honest, and tell people everything if they ask. I'm not embarrassed by my life, and don't have issues with saying what I feel or know at any particular moment. Although I have been known to change my opinion from time to time. So anything I say might be just a temporary feeling.

6. I have no real concrete goals. My personality and temperament fluctuates so greatly from day to day I have a hard time sticking with a life plan. Even when I was a youngster, I don't ever remember having a real goal... it was always changing... I've wanted to be a Forest Ranger, Cake Baker, Vet, Nurse, Mechanic, Own a Floral Shop, Nail and Hair, Own a Theater, Nutritionist.... ect. But after the want I've never had the true desire to work hard enough to be any of these things. I really am comfortable being a mom, with an occasional part time job. I think that's what I was made to do.

7. One of my biggest joys is being around my kids and my nephews and nieces. I love being mom... and I love being aunt Tif. I love that we live closer and that I get to see them all more. I love having them here hanging out with my family... and hope that more of them will come to visit. I love getting to know them better. I love my kids getting to be around their cousins. Family is a good thing!

8. I've always wanted a tattoo of a mama bear and cubs on my back, or a big bear paw print or something like that.... but I've talked myself out of it. I like tattoos, I really do.

9. I enjoy the BeeGees!

10. Last but not least or most or anything in between. Some suggestions from my family: I'm best friends with Dennis Quaid (Lie), I like to bad mouth people (Lie, I don't like it I'm guilty occasionally but I don't enjoy it), I have 5 toes (truth but we've already established how many toes I have), I have a secret love (lie).... so I'm left trying to expose some great detail about myself all by myself because no one would help me. Here it is #10... Even though we accumulate a ton of them, I hate throwing away stuffed creatures. When they look at me with their plastic eyes I think of the velveteen rabbit, and I just can't do it. I've thrown them away but I don't like it one bit!

And now for those that I feel deserve this award...



3.Lean Bean




Any one else that fills like dishing the dirt!

There you are.... Good Luck!

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Mama Echo said...

I forget how squirmish you are about body parts. This could be a lot of fun if I was a mean friend. Good thing I'm not you anyway.