Thursday, April 2, 2009

Moo, Ha, Hee Hee Hee~

Back in the day, you know years ago, when your kid turned the Big 5 you just waited it out til fall, packed their backpack, bought them a new pair of shoes and sent them on their way to school. The catch was your sweet little 5 year old would be home at noonish to spend the afternoon with you. Now, we live in a whole different world. A world where most kids attend preschool before starting Kindergarten. A world where for some horrific reason they have all day Kindergarten... what kind of world is this??? So here I am standing on the edge of a very big decision. Should I send my little crazy girlie to school in the fall... or should I let her be little for one more year.

Top 5 reasons for sending her:

1. She can write her name and knows how to dress herself

2. She needs to learn to play with and be around people her own age.

3. She will be 5 next week

4. She talks about going to school next year

5. I will be all alone

Top 5 reasons for not sending her:

1. She bites and screams and yells when people make her mad

2. She has a hard time getting along with others... even when I did daycare she would need to take a break from the other kids and play by herself.

3. Since we've moved she started having accidents.... oh the joys!

4. She doesn't sit and listen to adults very well

5. I would miss her horribly

So registration is next week, and I will go, and talk to the school. Get a feel for it, ya know.... but I'm really not sure what the final decision will be.


Michelle said...

I'm sorry to make light of your tough decision. I'm laughing because I feel bad that I haven't even considered NOT sending mine. I'm like, "How many days until you can go to school?" But, they are very different personalities. It is a tough choice. I kept Dylan until he was six, and he didn't have any academic or social reason other than that he had a late birthday, and I wanted to make sure he would do well once he got to school.

lvh said...

Fortunately Heavenly Father has blessed that little girl with two wonderful parents who will make the best decision for her as to whether she should stay little for another year or move on to the next stage of her life.

Mama Echo said...

That's a tough one. I think Casey would do really well in kindergarten. I can also see wanting her home for another year, more 1:1 time for Mommy isn't a bad thing. Either way, it would be a win win for Casey.
One thing to think about...How do you think she will feel as a High School student? Would she want to be the oldest or one of the youngest in the class? I was one of the youngest and I didn't like needing to wait to drive while EVERYONE else could. My sister was one of the oldest and she felt "done" with High School during her junior year because EVERYONE her age was graduating.
Like I said, either way you choose it will be a win win.

hairball said...

She's a good average age to start school. Collin will be 5 on Sept 3 this year and I feel he is ready a little young but ready. Sure he has his moments but I think the different environment will help him to see the world differently. Unfortunately preschool wasn't available for him. As for full day kinder. The state may still vote against full day and turn it to half day to save money....we shall see what happens. Good luck and give me any advice, I am getting a little nervous about this myself.

purplelurple said...

You are a bigger person than me cause I haven't even considered sending my little one to school. I am not ready to send her, she may be ready but I am not,lol. It is a hard hard decision to make but with the youngest it is even harder.

Amie said...

honestly, school would probably solve all those issues...

School totally 'fixed' Cameron, if there is such a thing, and all his bizarre behaviors.

It is sad though, the last one. I'm right there with ya!

leaner said...

I still have a few years before I get there. Gwennie's b-day is the end of Sept so she will be almost 6 when she starts (unless I send her to pre-k. You know if I was rich. but that is still a year away.)

Rhayn was so ready, like if I had kept her home, it would have been awful. But I wonder how I will feel about Gwennie?