Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Thats Over

For the last month or so, Kenneths been working a lot. I do appreciate the extra $$$ this brought in but I think it ended right in time. He was beginning to act a little strange and grouchy (sorry hon, you were grouchy)... which in turn made me grouchy. He was so tired he was just off to bed every night, and kind of ignoring the rest of us. And talk about loosing his mind, one morning I woke up to him poking my head and the alarm going off like crazy... my head is not the alarm... okay! So now that he's off of the crazy work, he had time to go on a much needed trip to visit his Grandan this weekend. And I got to stay home with the 2 middles. We mostly just ran around in circles for Baseball/Softball practice and stuff. We even ate at Taco Bell... oh so fancy! It was nice to spend a little time with just a couple of kids and enjoy them. And I think the other 2 kids had fun with their dad. And we're off for another fun filled week?

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Mama Echo said...

Glad things will get back to normal...if there is such a thing.