Monday, March 16, 2009

Trial and Error

I'm making books for grandparents for a mothers day/ fathers day gift. And all I wanted was one nice picture to go on the cover. I've decided it is not as easy as one would think to take pictures of 4 kids and have them looking nice... especially when ones children are stinky and don't like to cooperate... honestly you would think they were all toddlers.
Ty is a goober and Kynzie looking lovely, is in the dark.

Wyatt burst up laughing, but the girls looked great (Kynzie once again in the dark.)
Okay now every one looks okay (Kynzies in the dark still) But wait there's Ty being a goober again.
Oh and here is where Kasey finally said "enough" and Ty is smiling so hard the veins in his neck are going to burst, and once agian Kynzie is way to dark.
So after trying to be the photographer that I'm not. I tried a different pose all together...... and got the cover to my books!


Mama Echo said...

Very cute black and white picture. Way to think outside the box and get a good picture!!

leaner said...

Love it- and this is where photoshop would come in handy! You could take the best faces and just put them all in one picture. HAHA, I am having a hard time figuring out the layers in photoshop. It may be a while before I have awesome pics to show.

Michelle said...

That final picture is great. Aren't you glad they didn't cooperate on the first few, so you got a much more original and beautiful picture?

lvh said...

I love it too - you have to e-mail me a llnk to your book when you finish so I can check it out. Very creative picture taking.

Amie said...

way cute!

Jason Whetten said...

so... someday when i convince some poor girl to take a chance and marry should take my wedding pictures...AND YOU EVEN LIVE HERE NOW! wow, i just got really excited! Oh and p.s. im moving some stuff around so i can come visit you...soon.. LOVE YOU!!!