Monday, November 7, 2016

I finally announced it officially on social media.  I'm pregnant for the 6th time.  At first I had a lot of mixed feelings about it.  I love my babies, all of them.  They are my everything, but I was starting to look forward to grandchildren, working on me, enjoying a new chapter of life.  I have kids getting married and going to college.  Then on the other hand, I have sweet little Annie that is so much fun, has cured an ache in my heart.  She was going to grow up pretty much as an only child.  Would that be fair for her?  So when I found out I was pregnant, I had my moments of guilty worry.  But now I have come to a place of excitement and happiness for this little one to join our family.
There are moments of feeling really old for this stuff, but mostly it makes me feel good and capable and womanly.

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