Tuesday, May 13, 2014

can't hold it in anymore

I feel so emotionally overwhelmed, and I feel like I need to put it out there somewhere.
There is so many things going on with me right now, I go from moments of being elated, to downright depressed.  There has just been so much! So very very much.
I feel sad about the fact that Ty is leaving in 29 days.  I know that its awesome, I know that its a good thing, but I can't help but feel that pain of having to say goodbye for 2 years.  It really goes by so quickly.
I feel like this has been a year of goodbyes, and change, and sadness.  I plug away and try to just be happy but then things like Mothers Day come around and I feel that heartache creep back in.  I had my ultrasound yesterday.  I would of really liked to call my mom and tell her in person, and I know she knows.  But it hurts just the same!  She would of been so excited to buy things for another little girl.  And this girl would of loved having her so much, just like my other kids do.  I'm going to miss having her around for this baby.
So what do you do, keep plugging away.  Find the good stuff, and try not to feel sorry for myself.   Cry when I need to, and look to the brighter days.

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Pen-nut said...

WOW Tiff, your just awesome!!