Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Feeling Flustered

So I knew that the day would come we would have to bite the big one and tell a certain family member that #5 was on its way.  I thought we'd just wait until #5 was born.  But my optimism got the best of me.  Now that I'm rounding the corner into the 2nd trimester, I was figuring it was a good time to let the baby out of the bag.  Lets just say it didn't go over well, or it did go exactly how we figured it would go.  And although it was what was to be expected,  it made me feel a little sad, that everyone can't see this baby for the blessing that it is.  I appreciate those in my life that are my supporters.  The ones that help me to remember that I'm loved, that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and I'm following that plan, that I have support.  Its hard to explain how inspired this baby is.  So it's time to focus on the good stuff!!! 
TOP 10 THINGS I LOVE RIGHT NOW, bound to change any moment dang pregnancy hormones anyway:

1.  Salisbury Steak Banquet TV dinners... I've had 4 this week, can't seem to stop wanting them.
2.  Baseball/Softball season.  I can't ever seem to express how much I love watching my kids participate in sports.
3.  Fringe- been watching in on Netflix.  LOVE IT!
4.  Friends that are so supportive!  I definitely have a nice group of friends right now, couldn't be luckier.
5.  Sherbet, yeah I like food a lot right now!  Chili Lime Funyuns are also pretty tasty!
6.  Kids that are Awesome!  Why wouldn't I want to repopulate the world?
7.  Being almost done with the first trimester!
8.  Being mature enough to know exactly what I want for my family and not letting others sway me!
9.  Husband who is not only extremely good looking, but also very very kind giving and thoughtful!
10.  Anything with brown gravy on it... Yummy! 


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I am so sorry you got that reaction. I am totally happy happy happy for you. John's mom and dad had their 6th baby after Blaine was born and John's Dad was 54, Mom was 40 at the time. Dad was so nervous that I had to drive them to the hospital when the time came and Amy was a wonderful addition to the family.