Thursday, November 1, 2012

Time to get THANKFUL!

Honestly, its a good thing November is here.  Because I need a good kick in the gratitude!  I have been pretty good about keeping a grateful journal this year, (but by pretty good I mean once a week or so).  So I definitely could use a kick start!  So here we are at November 1st, and not only am I going to be Thankful but Grateful and Appreciative as well! 

Today being the 1st of November I am Thankful for living on a busy Halloween street.  I had so much fun last night passing out candy to all the creatures, princesses, animals, monsters, army men, super heroes, etc.  I've never had so many trick or treaters!  It was also nice for Kasey to be able to just walk around our neighborhood!  I'm really enjoying living in this town.  I can see us living here for a long time, if its meant to be. 
Sometimes its hard to believe that we have been back in Arizona for 4 years next month.  We've definitely had some ups and downs in the last 4 years.  But I'm super thankful things seem to be leveling out a bit.  I think a lot of it has to do with moving here, and how easily we've become a part of this community!  It gives me a hope I haven't felt in a long time!

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