Sunday, November 18, 2012

November is almost passing me by

What a doozy!  So Friday Kenneth and I went away for a night!  We did some Christmas shopping and had a nice dinner.  It was really good, to just be the two of us, and talk, talk, talk.  I feel lately I've been so weighted down by thoughts that I forget to breath.  So it was nice to relax and breath, before the whirlwind holidays that lie ahead. 
I wish that I could lay my thoughts out there and get some feed back, but unfortunately they are personal and I don't think I should share right at this moment. 
I've been kind of lazy with the Thanks posts.  I'm very thankful I really am.  When I look back over the past four years, I realize how fortunate I am.  In comparison here are some things I've come up with:
This year we are financially stable.  Kenneth has a job, and we are able to pay our bills!
This year we live in a semi permanent home, meaning come summer if we choose, this could be our home.
This year my Mom and Dad will live close enough to spend holidays with.
This year, my kids all seem relatively happy. 
To top it off, I'm all decorated and almost done shopping for Christmas! 
I'm thankful for the season, and being reminded of the good stuff.  I wish that I would focus on it more throughout the year. 

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