Sunday, August 12, 2012

First Day of School Eve!

I have to say this last month has flown by with a ton of busy business.  We got all moved into our new home.  The town folk here are super nice.  And the house is pretty nice to.   It took me about 2 days to move and 2 to unpack.  I'm hopeful this will be our last move for a long time.  I'm exhausted from moving moving moving.  But I didn't have much time to feel tired, because a week after moving I started a new job.  I will be working at the high school cafeteria.  Yep you heard me, I will be a lunch lady.  I worked two days last week.  And I can't say I loved it, or even liked it, so honestly we will see what this week holds.  The kids start school tomorrow.  All three in different schools again.  It's weird to not say all 4.  That's been a whole other thing on my mind lately.  When we moved we left Wyatt in my Moms house.  He is living the independent life.  And I miss him!  But I know it was time for him to start growing up a little.  He has a full time job, and he seems to be doing well.  But it really is crazy to not see him every day.  So we are all surviving.  Between Football, Baseball, Softball and Soccer, running.... School, Church activities,  Etc.  there is not time to really sit and think about anything.  Good thing we got rid of TV because we really don't have time for it. 

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