Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday Bash Weekend

Kasey and Wyatt both celebrated their birthdays this last weekend. 

Kasey got a DS for her birthday.  But it took her a minute to figure out that that's what was inside the plain white box.

She loved the poster of J Biebs to hang above her bed. (although by the look on her face you couldn't tell it)

Saturday she had her official party. 

Lots of family came to celebrate with her.  Ma'ma and Pa'pa Rasberry were here!

And Great Grandan and Grammy

The Whitings...
and somehow we missed a family picture of the Whettens

Then it was time to head to the church building so Kasey could be baptised a member of
 the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Mema Pam and Papa Jack were there.

The whole Family!

The Uncles

Pinata time!  It was so cold and snowy out, we had to make room in the garage for the Pinata!

Anthony was the Pinata Killer this time.


More Princesses

The next day was Wyatt's birthday.  He is now a mature (hahaha) 18 year old!

He was very surprised to get his very own laptop!

It was another super weekend, and so nice to have family around to share it with!


Amie said...

So fun to see your group. What a great week for you all. :)

lvh said...

Glad to see so many of your family was able to be there for the party and baptism. Hard to believe Wyatt was only 10 when Kasey was born and that she's 8 already - guess I blinked again.

Now where are those promised pictures of the before and after of the kitchen re-do?

tif-do said...

lvh- I have them set to post this coming weekend.