Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Funky Christmas Funk

So for the last few days I have fallen ill with a crazy funk.  And as much as I want to be in the Holly Jolly Christmas spirit.  I find myself full of irritation at the people I shouldn't be irritated at at all. 
I've kind of pinpointed some of the reasons that I may be filling this way and I've put these 3 things on the top of my list:
Wyatt.  Let me go into a little detail here, because he is not causing me any irritation and I wouldn't want anyone to be confused.  It's going by to fast.  Here we are on the doorstep of adulthood, and adventures that don't involve me.  All I keep thinking is how wonderful I want Christmas to be because I want him full of great memories so that once he is out and about on his own, he will want to come home.  I'm so afraid of loosing him. 
Then there is Family.   This is the time of year that everything should be about family and love and all of that.  But just like everything else it feels like there is just not enough time.   And I hate that, because there should always be enough time, and it should always be the priority.  I never thought of myself as the type that wouldn't make sure there was time.  So it bugs me that I can't make it easier.
And speaking of Family, I miss my Mom and Dad.  We used to spend a lot of holidays with them.  Thanksgiving Easter and Christmas, were with them most years.  I can't wait til they live here, so I can spend more time with them again. 

So, you've heard my complaints..... What are your suggestions any home remedies that I could try?  I would love to be Funk free for the rest of the month.

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