Monday, October 31, 2011

Last day of October... creepy isn't it?

That was a busy weekend, as they all are anymore.  Between watching Kynzie kick butt on the basketball court on Friday, running to Flagstaff to get our car maintenance (and meeting a nephew and his lovely wife for lunch) on Saturday, and church.  Yesterday afternoon came as a nice break, so me and the ol' man ran to a neighboring town to go house window shopping.  We aren't quite ready to actually go look at houses with a realtor, so we drove around just to see whats out there.  Someday we will buy again, and when we do we want to know whats out there.  We've pinpointed some houses that we would really like to see the inside of.  So maybe in a few months we will go looking for real.  It's kind of unfamiliar this feeling of hope that I have again.  It still makes me very nervous just the financial process alone, is scary, but I do feel hopeful that someday we will have our very own home again.
Now on to today.  Still not exactly sure what we are going to do with the girls tonight, but it should be fun. 
Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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Pen-nut said...

Thanks so much for going and visiting Jason & Kelsey while you were in Flagstaff. They were very excited to see you. Have a wonderful Halloween.