Monday, March 28, 2011

Library Time (otherwise known as BLAH!)

I'm sitting at the library. Our computer at home is ill, hopefully he will be up and running soon, because blogging at the library is not so cool... but needless to say I have all these feelings bubbling inside me and thought I needed to vent them out somehow. First of all, had a super spring break. We had 3 days in Disneyland. It seemed like for a few days there wasn't a care in the world. We rode rides, ate good food, and spent some much needed quality time together as a family. Even one day in the rain, we sported our ponchos and caught some shows that we never have took the time to enjoy before. One of my favorites was the one that you talked with Crush the turtle from Nemo. Now we are back home... Wyatt needs to do school work, but the computer is down (hence the library). Back to driving kids here there and everywhere, back to baseball, homework, and whats for dinner? Anxiously waiting for summer and warmth and time to do fun things. I went and picked up my last paycheck this morning (Figured with all the irons on the fire I wasn't going to be around enough to sub anymore). My full time job is open, and part of me thought for a minute, I could go back. But that's not the road for me at this time, and that's ok with me, later on something will come up when it's better timing for me and my family. I also spent some time packing a few things up, maybe I'll get a load moved this weekend. I'd like to paint a wall or two this weekend as well. Had a great chat with a friend this morning, talking to her made things seem normal, and comfortable. Most of all, the majority of my thoughts have been focused on all the craziness that's happening in my family right now. You know all those things, that when you hide under your security blanket, can't happen to you, don't happen to your family, happen to other people. I've realized that my security blanket is about as thick as a pair of pantyhose. But so much of it is out of my control, and I've got to come to terms with all of it.... and focus on the things that I can do. I can pray- pray for my mom, my sister (and Gilbert) and my brother. I can be there, if anyone needs to talk, visit, or whatever. I can stop taking for granted the blessings that I do have in my life, and the people that I have in my life.

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Mama Echo said...

Once again... if I lived nearby I would so be with you this weekend painting!!