Friday, March 11, 2011

I worked briefly in the toddler room today.... as I sat at a tiny table with tiny chairs (I mean seriously I'm not the tallest gal on the block, but my knees come to my chest in these chairs) and the toddlers got up and down and down and up... eating each others food, pulling each others hair and basically making a mess of everything they touch, I made a mental note of what chaos looks like. But then as I sat there one of the freshly into the toddler room toddlers, came to me with his blanket and sat in my lap. He sat very very still in my lap until his eyelids slowly fell and he was sound asleep despite the chaos of the rest of the room. I made a mental note again, but this was an example of peace. This is what peace looks like. It's a good reminder that no matter what chaos this world brings, peace can be found somewhere... sometimes you just have to find it.


Pen-nut said...

Love you, too.

Mama Echo said...

I hope you can find someone or something to help bring you peace also. Do you want me to make you a blanket? I so wish I could visit you RIGHT now!!