Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yesterday..... all my troubles seemed so far away!

Yesterday I spent my day consoling Sing-a-ma-thing, he was really broken up about his team not winning the super bowl. And despite the the outcome it was a good game, and I had a good time with my family watching. Yesterday I also took Wyatt to the public library, and came home with some books I hope to read this week. I have gotten really lazy about reading and would like some of that spark back. I have a very hard time going to the library, because to me it's very much like going to a grocery store if none of the cans were labeled. I just wish the books were classified a little differently. Our library is small, and doesn't have a lot to offer, so it's all just alphabetical fiction or nonfiction. And so unless I know an author I enjoy or see a book that someone else suggested, it's a lost cause for me. I need everyone I know to leave a comment on this post telling me an author they enjoy. Then we came home, and when Wyatt was done with his school work we watched several episodes of Ugly Betty season 1. (Oh I do enjoy Netflix instant on my Wii). Yesterday I felt a bit lazy and started several things but never finished anything, including dinner, so Kenneth bought pizza. Yesterday it felt like spring, today it feels like windy cold crud.....blah! Yesterday I vowed I would do more today than I did yesterday....
Oh I believe in Yesterday!

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Amie said...

Do you keep up with your GoodReads account at all? I'd just go thru and find some books that others have marked 4 and 5 stars, and go from there... Have you read the Hunger Games books yet? Poison Study? Persian Pickle?