Sunday, January 9, 2011

another new beginning

So tomorrow I embark on a new/old life. I'm going to be staying home again. This time not to stay home with little ones, but instead to stay home with a very big one (a story for another day perhaps). So once again I will have time to get some things done around here, because honestly lately it's been a lost cause to even try to get anything done at home. I made a list of things to do this week, and in a way its exciting to think I will have time to do things again. I will however still be subbing at the daycare. I really fell in love with some of the kiddos down there, and I had a super group of people to work with it. On Friday even though I'm not leaving completely the kids surprised me with tissue paper flowers and cards. They came in, in a line and told me they loved me and hugged me. (One of the little girls told me Happy Birthday, come to find out that when she was making her card and someone said it was because I was leaving, she said "she's leaving?" and got teary so the teacher said "no its her birthday, just tell her you love her.") I couldn't help but cry.... I really did enjoy being around them. But there is a time and place for everything, and right now I need to be home.
*and a whole other story*
This weekend I got to go see WICKED for the first time. It was awesome.... I mean really awesome. I want to go again... NOW! I loved it and listened to the soundtrack all the way home. The bad part of my trip was it was to Tucson on Saturday, only a few hours after the shooting. The streets were still closed down, and as the news flooded the radio, it left a sick feeling in my stomach that something so awful could happen in the little city that two of my kids were born in, on a street that we've traveled hundreds of time. It really is sad, and my prayers go out to all of those whose lives have been forever changed because of it.


Amie said...

Well, excited for your changes for sure. I'm sure you're doing what's best for your family at the moment, and that's all anyone can ask of you! We thought about going to that Tucson showing when we heard about it a couple of months ago. I really wanted to, but with Shrek already in the plans (and heck, we've already seen Wicked twice now) we couldn't justify the cost. But I'm so glad you got to go! It's my favorite!! How amazing that you were there basically during the shooting. I'm glad you all were safe and hope it didn't take you too terribly long to get home. Lots of lives changed that night for sure.

Mama Echo said...

So many changes!! So glad you got to see Wicked.
On a completely selfish note... does this mean I can call you during the day for our hour long chats? I miss those!!

Pen-nut said...

So glad you got to see Wicked. I heard it was even better than the one at Gammage. Some day I will see it again - I loved it.