Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where the heck did all the Tylenol go?

After a nice 3 day weekend, yesterday evening Kasey came down with a fever. Poor kid, because I really don't know what is wrong with her. Last night it was 101. By this morning it was 102, and by this afternoon if was 103. The Ibuprofen I was giving her seemed to help, but because it wasn't knocking the fever completely down I decided to give her Tylenol as well. But as it often goes, we didn't have any. Meanwhile, I am feeling a little under the weather myself. My eyes are itchy and watery and my nose is drip drip dripping, so even though I called in sick for Kasey, I am appreciative of the day off. I also called in to the Dr. for her and couldn't get her in until tomorrow afternoon. So back to the Tylenol, I decided to go to the store and pick some up. I went to the closest store, no Tylenol... I went to the next store.... NO Tylenol... WHAT THE Heck? So I went to the next store, and what did I find hooray TYLENOL! By this point my eyes are running out of their sockets and my nose is sniff sniff snif-ful-ing! So I go to the one register to check out. I'm behind one couple, who are admittedly arguing the sale price of a pair of shoes. The cashier calls up her manager, who then runs back to the back to see if she can find the sale sign the man is talking about. She comes back saying she can't find it.... sniff sniff.... and the man insists that he saw one. Meanwhile cashier calls someone to come check people out. Then Toothless Poophead (name changed to protect the innocent) pulls her cart in behind me. She's got a cart full of crap, including a TV she's trying to return for a broken button on the remote, and I am suddenly taken to a weird episode of hoarders. So the second cashier comes to her post and says "I can help the next person in line" which clearly would be me, with my one little bottle of Tylenol... But no, Toothless Poophead literally runs in her large blue moo-moo over to the aisle. And being the person I am, I rolled my eyes and said absolutely nada.... sniff sniff. A few seconds later man and manager come back with retrieved sign that clearly states that the shoes were not on sale, and they leave irritated... and I check out irritated, with Tylenol in hand. So let me tell you, I'm a grumpy mom, taking care of a grumpy kid that hopefully feels better tomorrow!

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Amie said...

Awww! Sounds horrid! I hate when everything goes wrong like that. I hope kiddo feels better soon. (and momma too)