Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Rabbit Whisperer (the saga continues)

Back in January a cute little floppy rabbit hopped its way into our lives. Although we looked for his owners, we ended up being his home. He pretty much hangs out with our chickens, and is a sweet addition to our family. His name is Hopper. So you wonder how often domestic rabbits wander around town, hoping to find a new family to take care of them. I would think the chance of a rabbit wandering into your yard would be pretty rare. We've had plenty of cats wander through the yard, in fact the other day we even fed one particular kitten for 24 hours until it's owner came looking for it. But I never imagined ever finding a stray bunny.... or finding 2 stray bunnies, which leads me to my story. I was getting ready for a trip to my sisters house, and Kynzie came running inside the house..."mom there is a rabbit outside" -well we do have a rabbit! "no mom another rabbit" -Like a cottontail? "no mom its gray" So I went out to investigate, and sure enough there was a cute little gray bunny sitting outside our chicken pen. Kasey has named it Foo Foo Bunny!

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lvh said...

I hope he's not hare today and goon tomorrow.

How fun to have bunnies - hopefully they are the same sex or you'll be having to figure out what to do with all the spares.