Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm tired... way tired.... but here I am as I am way to often lately.... wanting to go to bed, but yet stuck awake... The joys of Motherhood! Or in other words the joys of being the mother of a teenager that is not home, so even if I was in bed I would not be asleep, because I can't sleep until he's home.... the end of that story.
So lately I feel like my life has become property of someone else, or something else, like obligations of a crazy variety. I have never felt more busy and consumed in all my life. I figure that some day it will slow down, but it hasn't so far. I had a great week having my mom here to visit... but once again in went by way to fast. Also yesterday Ty left on Trek ( a reenactment of the travels the pioneers made to settle in Salt Lake). And Kynzie left with Mom to spend a couple weeks with her on her travels. So today Kasey and I took advantage of the other kids being gone (Wyatt wasn't really gone, but he was sleeping and I knew he would be asleep until noon at least) so we headed to the neighboring town to watch their Parade. It was a little strange going to something like that just the two of us, but I enjoyed spending some time alone with her. Then we came home and I planted 5 follow up planting 12 trees that Mom and I planted the other day. I'm so excited to watch all of these trees mature and grow, and my landlady is super excited to have someone that is willing to take care of the yard maintenance. On top of that I planted a bucket garden, and I'm really excited to hopefully get a few veggies this year. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.... I'm so ready for some sleep!

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lvh said...

I don't think you can count on life ever slowing down. This old world is spinning more rapidly now than ever and if anything it's going to get even more hectic. So just enjoy the moment and hang on for the ride. Glad you got to spend some time with your Mom - even if you did put her to work.