Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fathers, Vegas and Everything in Between... started this post a week ago

I have no microwave.... which means that we don't do leftovers because it's a huge pain. Also I have to think really hard about what to lay out in the morning, because I have no way of defrosting things in the afternoon. The other night I had a dream that I found a microwave in the basement, then I woke up and it was gone...

I'm so glad that we are a couple weeks away from being done with little league... this has been one long, learning, season.

Although it's summer, and I should get to sleep in every day... EVERY DAY... instead I have to get up and take Ty to early morning weight/speed training, who thought this was a nice thing to do in the summer, WHO are you WHO- WHO- WHO- WHO!?!

My lawn is very very huge! Someday I hope to have mowed it all... then it will be time to start all over.

People are more important than buildings.

Our Truck broke down the other day.... grrrrrrrr!

My house is always messy.

You are never to old to ride a roller coaster!

I'm so glad I was blessed with the parents I have, they are fun, loving a giving. I'm glad that my Dad is my Dad! I would gladly make him a cracker sandwich for his lunch right now if he was here!

Tomorrow is the next day!

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